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Mission Statement
We believe it is our unconditional responsibility to create a challenging and successful school that will prepare our students of today to be contributing citizens, workers, and leaders of tomorrow in a global and diverse society.

To accomplish this, we will provide a safe, attractive caring yet disciplined environment that will ensure a mutual atmosphere of respect of all stakeholders.

We will deliver a challenging, focused and aligned curriculum that is comprehensively connected to real life where possible and interdisciplinary in nature.

We will maintain a learning ambiance that is compelling, meaningful and engaging, while addressing various learning styles of all students. It will be presented via powerful learning experiences to ensure that all students attain success at grade level and beyond.

We will create a positive and inviting atmosphere that incorporates high expectations for each student, staff member, and parent. The entire school community will convey and practice a can do attitude in all school activities.

We will establish and enhance parent and community partnerships in our instructional programs, activities, and in each child's educational design.

In doing so, we will be Preparing tomorrow's leaders today......
                                                                               ......The Escandón Way!!