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How Does the Accelerated Reader (AR) program work?


TESTING HOURS-7:30 am-4:00pm or 3:00 pm on last day of Six Weeks

1.   Students read books within their ZPD level.  ZPD=Reading Level.  


2.   Students take quizzes on books that are in their ZPD in order to meet their 6 week AR goals.


AR Six-Week Goals

Maintain a 90% quiz average.

Stay within ZPD reading level.

Reach Point Goal that is set by teacher.  


3.   You can check your student’s reading progress by logging on to Renaissance Home Connect

Logging in:

USERNAME= Student’s Id Number

            PASSWORD= Student’s Birth Date.


Students MUST stay in their reading levels.

Student's reading levels are determined by the STAR test. 
For more information on this test stop by the library or visit with your child's teacher. 
You can find your child's reading level in their reading log
The following is a guide to the various book levels found in our library.














You can use our Online Catalog to search for books by AR level and either subject, author, or title.


Nondiscrimination Statement:
It is the policy of Edinburg CISD not to discriminate on the basis of sex, age, handicap, religion, race, color, or national origin in its educational programs.
Es poliza del Distrito Escolar de Edinburg el no discriminar por razones con base en sexo, edad, religion, raza, color origen nacional, ni discapacidad dentro de sus programas educacionales.

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